Oil And Gas (Upstream)

Our OMS is a state-of-the-art field operations software built on our powerful platform that provides a measurable increase in your O&G operation’s efficiency. OMS encapsulates every aspect of your operations including quantifying nonstandard field metrics.

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Asset Management

Realtime Decision Making

Personnel Management

Workforce Competence

Operational Excellence

HS&E Adherence

Systems & Data Consolidation

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By consolidating processes and integrating distinct systems into our single integrated cloud-based software that leverages ML, AI, and analytics will lead to achieving maximum operational excellence by:

Increasing Reliability, Efficiency, and Safety

Reducing Operational Downtime and Costs

Enhancing Workforce Collaboration & Competencies

Performance Optimization

Prolonging Asset Life Cycles

Data driven decision making for your business growth

Using OMS in conjunction with experience and intuition will allow you to make Data Driven Decisions to better manage your business operations.


Predictive Maintenance


Realtime Communication

Facility Commissioning & Startups

Shift Handovers


Field Asset Walkdowns

Inventory Management

Field Operator

Automation/ Measurement

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