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Facilitate the creation of a data based operating model

Data based operating model goes beyond the transparency and leverages on big data as well as on a flexible organization across the value chain. Leveraging new technologies in a qualitative way that responds to complex market requirements and prepare for unforeseen events even more appropriately. Some of the key initiatives with general use cases highlighting Real Aware ability and approach to create customized solutions.

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Big Data & Predictive Analysis

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With the explosion of availability of primary & secondary data, gives birth to new operating models aim at leveraging new possibilities of data gathering, saving and analysis in order to generate value by better understanding, forecasting and managing the behavior of suppliers, customers and competitors in the chemical industry amongst others. The data based operating model does not aim at collecting as much data as possible but using the right information.

Big Data & Predictive Analysis Use Case:

North American diversified chemical company which employed big data to integrate marketing information with production strategy that helped better contract negotiations and arrive at competitive pricing with an enhanced procurement strategy with a net annual saving of close to 18% in cost of procurement of critical commodities.

Optimization of Production Output Use Case:

A leading Asian Hydrocarbon conglomerate used Hadoop to seamlessly integrate multiple data sources on a real time basis along with Data Analytics to help in monitoring the amount of energy consumed, bring down the volume of waste, and boost the overall ROI by around 23% on an annualized basis.

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